Báňské projekty Ostrava spol. s r.o. (Designing of Mines Ostrava Ltd – BPO) company is based in Ostrava city, the hub of Ostrava – Karviná mining district. Our team of experts in designing of underground works and mine technologies gained their experiences there within the Ostrava- Karviná Group of Mines. We also completed many other mine development project designs for customers in ormer Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Iran and Columbia, just to name few.

     BPO builds on a long tradition of mining designing commenced in Ostrava in the year 1951 to provide developing Czechoslovak coal mining with comprehensive design services in all areas of mining activities. The basic principle of BPO strategy is a detailed analysis of a mining processes. Our solutions are based on our own practical experience.

     BPO provides complex project designs on high technical level to meet specific needs of a client, and to cover all project stages from exploration to operation. The mine design may include a complete surface plant, coal washing plant, a power and water supply, transport layout and land reclamation.

     BPO is a founding member of the national association Czech Mining Technology (CDT) concerned with mining and processing of minerals. This association has significant support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as from the Czech Agency for Foreign Trade. The Company keeps traditional contacts with Czech mining authorities, Ostrava Mining University, institutes and experts to cooperate with them whenever needed.

     The company´s main target is to provide its customers the maximum utility value created to fulfiltheir business plans.

     The basic principles of the company´s strategy are a detailed analysis of the customer´s processes, solutions based on our own practical experience associated with the use of the latest knowledge and products in the field and management of their own activities according to the customer´s priorities.